Have you ever considered becoming a Muslim after moving to UAE?
You are not sure what are the steps to take towards making this decision a reality?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! Indeed, many people like you from all backgrounds and nationalities find themselves drawn to Islam after experiencing life in UAE. Due to this increasing interest for the religion of Peace, many institutions have made the way to embrace it easier over the last decade. 

Among the most dynamic official entity is The Islamic Information Center under the supervision of the well known charity organisation Dar Al Ber Society. Becoming Muslim can be overwhelming so here are mentioned the easy steps you’ll need to take in order to start the new chapter of your life with peace:


1 – Learn About Islam

Before becoming Muslim you might still have questions you would like to clarify. Clearing your doubts is the first thing you will need to achieve for your decision to be taken fully heartedly.

A team of qualified and knowledgeable teachers are available at your convenient time. Simply click here to make an appointment with one of them. And if you wish to read some information before you visit please click here.

Or directly visit the center anytime between 9am to 9pm.
Islamic Information Center P.O. Box 25020, Al Hudaiba, Dubai UAE
Phone: +971 43555223 

2 – Embrace Islam

In the case you have already made your conscious decision and would like to officialise your new faith, you will need to apply for a shahada certificate. Shahada in Arabic means Testimony of Faith.

As per islamic teachings, when someone wants to enter the religion of Islam he or she needs to declare its faith verbally. This Testimony of faith can also be performed at the Islamic Information Center with the help of official witnesses.

Notice that nothing forces you to publicly declare your faith and it is enough to accomplish this step privately in the presence of one of the official teacher of the center.

How is it performed?

You will simply be asked to repeat the below wording of the testimony of faith both in Arabic and English often while raising your right index finger:

Ashadu an la ilaha illa illa-ilah, wa ashadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.

The meaning is: “I bear witness that there is no god worthy of being worshiped except God (Allah), and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God (Allah)”

3 – Apply for The New Muslim Certificate

In order to establish your New Muslim certificate you will have to visit Islamic Information Center. Kindly click this link to schedule your visit in advance. The following documents must also be handed over to the center along with a filled up form:

1.     Passport copy

2. Visa Copy

3. Emirates ID copy (For residents only)

4.     2 photos (passport size, with islamic headscarf covering hair and neck entirely for ladies)

Just few days following your testimony of faith and the submission of your documents, you will receive an official certificate established by the Government of Dubai (if applied in Dubai).

Why do you need to apply for the New Muslim certificate?

The New Muslim certificate is an important document that constitutes a proof of your new religion. Indeed, this document would be required in the case of marriage to a Muslim partner, for you to be able to visit the Holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia as well as for burial purpose.

4 – Learn your New Religion

Now that you became Muslim your duty is to keep educating yourself about your new way of life. Joining classes for new Muslims is one of the best experience you could get by interacting with other new Muslims like you and learn more together. It is a good way to stay motivated and gradually apply changes to your life while your faith increases.

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