Arabic is the official language of the UAE, however English is widely used and you might barely find the need to use Arabic. In case you end up in a situation where the need arises,here are some common UAE dialect phrases that will help you get by:

  1. Hi: Hala 
  2. Peace be to you: Assalamu Alaikom
  3. Good Morning: Sabah El Kheer 
  4. Good Evening: Masaa El Kheer 
  5. Welcome (to greet someone): Marhaba 
  6. Welcome (for thank you): Afwan 
  7. How are you? Kaifa Alhal 
  8. I’m fine, thanks: Ana Bekhair, Shokran 
  9. And you?: Wa ant?
  10. Thank you: Shukran
  11. Good Night: Tosbeho al khair 
  12. Goodbye: Ma’a Salama 
  13. Can you help me?: Momkin tusaidunee
  14. Straight / Left / Right: Ala tool/yisar/yameen
  15. How much is this?: kam hatha